WELCOME TO RIIHIMÄKI! I wish you welcome among us Riihimäki residents. I hope that you will settle in well and discover the services of our city, as well as your own way of living and being a part of Riihimäki. In Riihimäki, just like everywhere in Finland, all ­people are equal. Everyone has a right to social security and healthcare, schooling for children and day care for children under school-age. Riihimäki everything but sea! There are also plenty of options for free or a ­ ffordable free-time activities, for instance, on nature trails, in community college courses, sports clubs or cultural events and museums. This brochure contains basic information about living in Finland and in Riihimäki. In Finland, many affairs are conducted using electronic services, but you can also take care of things on the phone. When in need of help, please do not hesitate to contact the city’s immigrant information service. We hope that you will soon feel at home in Riihimäki! Kindly, Jouni Eho City Manager of Riihimäki Immigrant information service: Riksula, Eteläinen Asemakatu 2, Matkakeskus tel. 040 716 2501, 2

CONTENTS 1 LIFE IN FINLAND I 5 Digital and population data services agency – get a social security number  Bank – do not forget your online bank user identifiers  Kela – apply for social security  TE office – get a job and Finnish language skills  Taxes – pay taxes 2 A HOME IN RIIHIMÄKI I 8 Kotikulma – find your home  Notice of move – register your residence  Electricity – get an electricity contract  Posti – send and receive parcels 3 EVERYDAY LIFE & FREE TIME I 10 Information service  Public transport  City bikes  Library  Sports equipment rental  Recycling centre and second-hand stores  Youth services  Ohjaamo: services for young adults  Swimming hall  Outdoor sports facilities  Community college, art school and music school  Museums  Theatres and cinemas  Other free-time activities  Event calendar 4 EDUCATION & TEACHING I 16 Early childhood education  Pre-schooling  Primary education 5 HEALTH & WELL-BEING I 18 Emergency number 112  First aid and emergency care  Omakanta  Omaolo  Pharmacy  Mental health and substance abuse services  Oral health  Maternity clinic  Disability services  Services for elderly people  Family work  Adult social work  Student welfare 6 FRC & DIACONAL WORK I 22 The Finnish Red Cross  Church diaconal work LINKS I 23 Lost. Tommi Toija. 3

The Maija Isola mural. Patrik Korhonen. 4

1 LIVING IN FINLAND In Finland, all people are equal. For instance, gender does not dictate what you can study or do for work, or ­whether you can stay home to take care of your children. In Finland, equality also applies to children, and they have the right to be treated well. Digital and population data services agency – get a social security number Bank – do not forget your online bank user identifiers If you reside in Finland permanently, you will have to register at the Digital and population data services agency (DVV). In order to register your personal information in the population database, you will have to visit your local Digital and population data services agency. In some cases, the reception centre can forward your application to the agency. Once your personal information has been registered, you will receive a Finnish social security number. A social security number is necessary when dealing with officials, opening a bank account or getting a telephone subscription, among other things. At the same time, your postal address and temporary or permanent address will be registered. z Practical advice for living in Finland can be found at: z Official business can be conducted at: z Finnish Immigration Service: Once you have a valid ID and a Finnish right of residence or residence permit, you can open a bank account. Banks have different identity verification policies. Remember to also ask for online bank user identifiers. The online bank can be used to pay bills and track your account information. You will receive your online bank user identifiers once you have a Finnish social security number. Online bank user identifiers, also known as strong electronic identification, are used as identification in many Finnish systems and services. Online bank user identifiers can also be used to sign documents electronically. You can conduct business directly at a bank of your choice. If necessary, more information about banking services can be found at the Finnish Financial ­Ombudsman Bureau (FINE). Hämeenlinna Digital and population data services agency tel. 09 6850 120, Wähäjärvenkatu 6, Hämeenlinna tel. 0295 536 320, 5

z Additional information on Kela services at:­othercountries-to-finlandquick-guide Knitted ‘R-cap’ for newborns. Kela – apply for social security As a permanent resident in Finland, you have a right to Finnish social security and you can apply for benefits from Kela (Kansaneläkelaitos). Examples of instances when you can apply for financial support from Kela: z you need help paying the rent z you are pregnant or have a child z your illness is preventing you from working z you are unemployed and registered as a job seeker at the TE office z you are a full-time student z you are retired nently has the right to a child benefit paid by Kela. Child benefit can be ­applied for with a Kela form. You can apply for social assistance, if other benefits are not sufficient for covering your livelihood. Apply for benefits by filling a form on the Kela website or by making an appointment with the Kela service desk. Separate phone or service appointments can be reserved online. Kela office in Riihimäki Temppelikatu 9A, tel. 020 634 0200 (national service number) 1 Every child who lives in Finland perma6 1100 Riihimäki

TE office – get a job and Finnish language skills An integration plan is prepared at the Employment and Economic Develop­ ment Office, also known as the TE office. At the same time, your need for learning Finnish is determined. You will need to register at the TE office yourself. Employment service professionals offer help in not only integration but also in choosing a career or finding a job and they also provide information on educational possibilities. The Career Path project helps particularly foreign job applicants in finding a job or a place to study. To receive the unemployment benefit, it is necessary to register as a job seeker at the TE office website Bring your online bank user ­identifiers when visiting the TE office. If you require interpretation at the appointment, do not forget to ask for an interpreter when making the appointment. Taxes – pay taxes In Finland, earned income, some Kela benefits and pension are subject to taxation. Taxation also applies to businesses and capital. For taxation, everyone has a tax card that shows the tax percentage. You will receive your tax card by visiting the tax office, calling the service phone number or ordering it in the tax office’s online service, MyTax. Tax office in Hämeenlinna Wähäjärvenkatu 6, Hämeenlinna tel. 029 512 000 (national service exchange) TE office in Riihimäki Temppelikatu 2 tel. 0295 025 500 The integration plan and Finnish studies will be clarified at the TE office. 7

2 HOME IN RIIHIMÄKI With a Finnish home municipality, you have a right to public social and health services and you can participate in municipality employment trials. The home municipality also has compulsory education for all aged 7 to 18. Riihimäki is home to approx. 30,000 people, a little over five percent of whom are of a foreign background. In Riihimäki, services and hobbies are close and life is easy and safe. It is only a short distance away from the capital region and other big cities, such as Tampere. Kotikulma – find your home Riihimäen Kotikulma Oy: You can find the city’s rental apartments through Kotikulma. Book an appointment or fill in an apartment application directly at the Kotikulma website. Housing advertisement websites: There are several websites with housing advertisements. The lessor can be a business or a private person. Remember that it may take time to find housing. In Finland, tenancy agreements are ­always made in writing. Before moving in, you will need to pay a security deposit which is typically equal to 1–3 months’ rent. You can find information about ­tenancy and the general policies of housing in Finland on the Kotikulma website or at: Notice of move – register your residence Maisterinkatu 9 tel. 019 569 5690 NAL Riihimäki ry: If you are 18–29 years old, you can apply for a NAL apartment. tel. 050 551 1338 8 Leave a notice of move at the Digital and population data services agency website: – at the same time, you can leave a ­notice of move for the mail services.

The Glassblower. Kalervo Kallio. Electricity – get an electricity contract When moving into your own apartment, you will have to make an electricity contract with a private electric company. You can choose and tender the company yourself. You will pay the company for electricity, but in addition, you will also have to pay for electricity distribution. Caruna Oy is the electricity distribution company in Riihimäki. Your chosen electricity company can make an electricity distribution contract with Caruna for you. Please note that you may still receive two separate electricity bills. You can influence what you pay for your electricity by tendering the electricity company. You can compare electricity prices from different companies on the Energy Authority website, for instance: Posti – send and receive parcels Posti Merkoksenkatu 5, according to K-Citymarket opening hours 9

You can use city bikes from spring until autumn. 10

3 EVERYDAY LIFE & FREE TIME Information service The immigrant information service ­provides information about living in F ­ inland and in Riihimäki. You can request more information about right of residence, integration plan, F ­ innish studies, working and job seeking, ­studying and services in Riihimäki. The service advisor also offers help in understanding official decisions and will direct you, when needed, to the right official. You will receive services in English. 7 years in prams can travel for free. Additional information about fares, routes and schedules can be found on the city website: (also in English). Other parts of Finland are covered by trains (VR) and buses (Matkahuolto). Normally, long-distance tickets must be bought in advance. (in English) (in English) City bikes Riksula, Eteläinen Asemakatu 2, Matkakeskus Opening hours: Mondays and Thursdays. 10am–11am and 12pm–3:30pm tel. 040 716 2501 Public transport There are several local traffic (R-liikenne) lines operating in Riihimäki. Local traffic also includes on-demand traffic (R-kyyti). You can order R-kyyti to reach destinations without regular transport. You can pay with cash, debit card or mobile app. The mobile apps used in Riihimäki are Tickets (PayiQ), Reitit & Liput (Matkahuolto) and Pivo (OP bank). Children under 7 years do not need to pay R-liikenne fares. In addition, passengers accompanied by children under You can ride a city bike in Riihimäki from spring till autumn. You can rent a bike at bike stations located all over the city, and the bike must also be returned to one of the city’s bike stations. Additional information about bike renting, bike stations and prices can be found at: (in English). Local traffic is free for children under 7 years. 11

You can get your own library card at the Riihimäki library. Library The library services are open and free for all. At the library, you can read books, newspapers or e-publications, use a computer and the internet as well as printers and copiers. Help is also available for information searching, if needed. A large part of the material is in Finnish, but there is a lot of material in English, too. You can request access to material in other foreign languages. Some services can only be used with a library card. A library card requires a Finnish social security number. If you do not have the number yet, you can get a temporary library card with your identification. The card is free. The library card allows you to borrow books and other material, such as 12 music, to be used at home for a specific time. The library card also allows you to read books, newspapers and magazines in the e-database. The library has a music studio that you can reserve. Among other things, it can be used to play the piano or the drums, or to record your own music. The library is also a venue for free events, such as Finnish-language story sessions for kids, author events and art exhibits. It is also possible to simply hang out at the library or agree to meet your friend there. Riihimäki library Kauppakatu 16 tel. 050 500 1734,

Sports equipment rental At Riihimäki library, you can rent sports equipment such as snowshoes, badminton rackets, frisbee golf discs, a compass, binoculars, or a camping stove. Targeted youth work Individualised support and guidance, school youth work for young people and young adults, activities for youth groups. tel. 040 330 4717, 040 330 4719 Kauppakatu 16 (specialised youth work, under 18 yrs) tel. 050 500 1734 tel. 050 513 5060, 040 701 0473, 050 594 7903, 050 408 4435 (outreach youth work, over 18 yrs) Recycling centre and second-hand stores See also: Instagram, TikTok, FB. Youth Centre Monari At Riihimäki city’s recycling centre, you can find affordable second-hand household items, furniture, curtains, carpets and dishes as well as sports equipment. Delivery service is available for a fee. You can enjoy a coffee at Kahvila Kupla. Opening hours: Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday 10am–5pm Uudenmaankatu 1 Ohjaamo Low-threshold services and m ­ eeting point for young adults. Support for ­everyday life, well-being, health, ­housing, studying and working life. and Wed 10am–6pm. Sakonkatu 4, Kahvila pOint Wednesday 1:30pm–6:00pm Nuorisokeskus Monari, Uudenmaankatu 1. There are also private flea markets and stores selling second-hand furniture and clothes in Riihimäki. tel. (also WhatsApp) 040 663 8094 Youth services Swimming hall Activities and support in the lives of young people. Riihimäki swimming hall has been ­under renovation since the winter of 2023. In the summer, an outdoor ­swimming pool is available. Please check the opening hours on the ­Riihimäki city website. Community youth work Clubs and open activities as well as special programs during holidays. For everyone regardless of language skills. Salpausseläntie 16 tel. 040 330 4710, 040 330 4714, tel. 050 500 1642 040 330 4715 (youth counsellors) tel. 050 505 8756 (school youth worker) 13

Riihimäki mural. Edwina Goldstone. Peltosaari sports park has an eight-lane athletic field, practice football fields, a pesäpallo (Finnish baseball) field, an ­archery field, a skating park and ice halls. Hj. Elomaan katu 6 Vahteristo nature reserve has marked trails for walking, jogging, biking and skiing. Erkyläntie 47 tai Vahteristontie 8 Community college, art school and music school Outdoor sports facilities In Riihimäki, you can freely exercise and spend time outdoors at the free city-maintained outdoor facilities. You can jog or ski on lit tracks, swim at well-maintained beaches, use the ­athletic field and do frisbee golf. The locations of sports facilities, ­jogging routes and information about the condition of ski tracks can be found on the city website. The city of Riihimäki maintains a community college, a music school and an art school. Community college teaching is open for all and course prices are affordable. The teaching is primarily for adults. Studies include music, languages, art, crafting, home economics, sports and dance. Some courses meet once a week from autumn till spring, others only last for one weekend. In addition, free events are organised every year. Riihimäki art school offers advancing basic teaching of art for children, young people and adults. The art school has a visual arts track and a handicraft track. Additional information, also in English: The Riutta family outdoor area has ­nature paths, orienteering points, a f­ risbee golf field, a mountain biking route, and in the winter, a lit ski track. school office, Puistikko 5, or Kormuntie 258 Inquiries about studying should be directed The music school teaches music for children, young people and adults. to the office, tel. 050 500 1724. 14

Museums Riihimäen Teatteri is one of the oldest professional theatres in Finland. The Finnish Glass Museum Hämeenaukio 1 Tehtaankatu 23, tel. 050 500 1956 tel. 044 357 0301 Elokuvateatteri BioRex (Cinema) Keskuskatu 8 Temppelikatu 8, tel. 040 330 4124 Kino Sampo Cinema run in collaboration with ­Riihimäen Nuorisoteatteri. Suokatu 9 Riihimäki Art Museum Other museums: Riihimäki Museum, The Hunting Museum of Other free-time activities Finland, Valtakunnallinen Työväentalomuseo. Additional info at: Theatres and cinemas Riihimäen Nuorisoteatteri is the biggest youth theatre in Finland. It offers basic studies in theatre arts. Currently, the theatre also features activities for children and young people directed by Ukrainian teachers of dance and drama. In addition, many societies and associations organise hobbies in Riihimäki. You can do different sports, such as ball sports, martial arts, winter sports, water sports, athletics, nature sports, dance, or gymnastics. There are also active dog people and Scouts activities in Riihimäki. More information can be found from the internet using the search terms “Riihimäki harrastus”. & Instagram, several performance and teaching spaces Event calendar z The Riihimäki event calendar contains concerts, art exhibitions, films, theatre and different events, fairs and markets. 15

4 EDUCATION & SCHOOLING Early childhood education In Finland, children under school age have a right to municipal early childhood education. You can apply for a spot for your child at a day care or a family day care. There are also private day cares in Riihimäki. You must apply for a municipal day care spot at least four months before the child requires day care. If necessary, a day care spot can be arranged faster, for instance after moving to a new town or starting a job. A day care fee is determined for early childhood education, the amount of which depends on family income and size as well as the amount of day care hours. An income statement, such as a social assistance decision from Kela, is required for calculating the day care fee. If a child has no need for day care, they can participate in the city’s open early childhood education. Aapeli-Avoin päiväkoti (Junailijankatu 14) is open two days a week. You can visit the open day care with your child according to your own schedule. In the open day care, you can talk with the staff or with other parents, and your child can play with other children. You can also apply for a spot in a club for your child. Your child will attend the club alone. More information by tel. 040 330 4274 Service Manager of Early Childhood ­Education, (in English). Pre-schooling Before actual school, which usually starts at the age of six, a child goes to pre-school. Free pre-schooling lasts for four hours on weekdays. In Riihimäki, it is organised both in school and day care spaces. In addition to pre-school, you can apply also for a spot in early childhood education, which is subject to a charge. Schooling is free for children. 16

Primary education In Finland, education is compulsory for children. Compulsory education starts at the age of 7 and ends at 18 years. When your child lives in a Finnish municipality, compulsory education also applies to them. Education is free and the school o ­ ffers free lunch for everyone. After basic education, a youth can continue to a free vocational school or high school. The TE office provides more information about this. If your child does not speak Finnish, they can be directed to preparatory teaching. Preparatory teaching n ­ ormally lasts for one year and is meant to strengthen the pupil’s Finnish skills and prepare the pupil for a Finnish school. There are 10 primary schools in Riihimäki. Teaching is also offered in d ­ ifferent groups, such as in music classes, special classes and preparatory classes. Riihimäki teaches robotics to all children starting from early childhood education. You can read more about robotics on the city website. School buses are offered, if certain conditions, such as the distance to school, are met. Schools organise afternoon activities for 1st and 2nd-graders, subject to a fee. In Finland, schools have autumn and spring terms. There is an approximately two-week Christmas break at the change of the year and a two-month summer break in the summer. In addition, there are one-week autumn and spring breaks. Schools use an online tool called ­Wilma to communicate with guardians and students. A Wilma account can be created in the service. The school staff will help set up the account. More information by tel. 040 654 5728 ­Manager of learning and education, and (in English). 17

z Information on Finnish ­public health can also be found on the Kela website and in the service. Emergency number 112 Call the emergency number in an urgent emergency, when in need of paramedics, police or fire department. When calling the number, do not hang up until you are given permission to do so. Help is available in English. More information: 18

5 HEALTH & WELL-BEING Finland is currently undergoing a major change in public healthcare. Due to this, the contact information of social and health services may change. You will a ­ lways find up-to-date i­nformation on the Kanta-Häme welfare area (OmaHäme) website: Living in a Finnish municipality, you have a right to public social and health services for the same fee as other residents. You also have the right to public healthcare services when you are working in Finland. If you are an asylum seeker or if you have a residence permit based on temporary protection, you will access healthcare services through the reception centre. In Finland, urgent care is provided for everyone, but if the criteria for public healthcare are not met, you will have to pay for the treatment yourself. Many social and healthcare services use a callback system. After contacting the services, you will receive a call from them. First aid and emergency care If you are considering your need for help or how urgently treatment is needed, call the emergency care help line tel. 116 117 In situations requiring immediate care Kanta-Häme central hospital first aid and night emergency care Ahvenistontie 20, 13530 Hämeenlinna In situations requiring urgent care Riihimäki area health centre, emergency care PULSSI 77 tel. 019 758 5600, answered on weekdays Kontiontie 77 Kanta-Häme social and crisis emergency care 24/7 tel. 03 621 7100 Non-urgent appointments You will get an appointment with your nurse or doctor according to your Omakanta resi­dential area’s team number. See information about the phone n ­ umbers: Omakanta stores your health information and prescriptions. You can also use it to renew your prescriptions. You can log in to Omakanta once you have a Finnish social security number and online bank user identifiers. (also in English) ­ You can also call the health centre exchange for help in ­making an appointment. tel. 019 758 5500 Riihimäki Health Centre, Kontiontie 77 19

Omaolo Kanta-Häme central hospital, Ahvenistontie 20, Hämeenlinna, tel. 040 620 5664 With the Omaolo service you can assess the need for and urgency of treatment based on your symptoms. If needed, you can receive instructions for selfcare, or the service will tell you which place to contact for the necessary treatment. The service does not require online bank user identifiers. (also in English) Pharmacy In Finland, medication is only sold in pharmacies. Some medicine is over-thecounter and can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription. Pharmacies also provide selfcare tips and information about the medicinal products. Mental health and substance abuse services Maternity clinic Maternity clinic services are free of charge. The maternity clinic supports families and ensures a child’s health and a healthy lifestyle for the whole family. The maternity and child health clinic offers support for pregnancy, labour, and life with a baby. The family planning clinic deals with matters related to contraception. Maternity clinic chat > terveyspalvelut > neuvola You can ask for advice or make an appointment at the clinic. Making an appointment requires electronic identification, meaning you need to have online bank user identifiers. Remember to apply for Kela’s parenthood allowance and maternity package on time. (in English) Please call if you need help with mental health or substance abuse. tel. 019 758 5551, Kallionkatu 10-16 E tel. 019 758 5960, Penttilänkatu 5 Disability services Oral health Contact the disability services social worker, if due to a disability or longterm illness you cannot otherwise find services matching your needs. Public healthcare also offers dental and oral care. Non-urgent treatment is typically offered within a month, and urgent first aid is organised within three business days, usually already on the same day. Help and appointments tel. 019 758 5650 Emergency care on weekdays Kallionkatu 10-16, tel. 019 758 5650 Emergency care in the evening, weekends, and on holidays only for urgent care 20 Services for elderly people Services for the elderly include many types of support and rehabilitation. In Riksula, there is an open and accessible meeting point for having a coffee or participating in handicrafts or sports clubs.

Family work Student welfare Child, youth and family services are meant to increase the well-being of families with children. Family work provides support and help in everyday life challenges. In Finland, student welfare is responsible for school-aged children’s welfare. The services are free, and schools arrange regular health checks. The services include school healthcare, school social worker and psychologist and, in secondary school, a psychiatric nurse and physiotherapist. You can ask the school social worker to talk with you if you are a student yourself, or if you are concerned about your school-aged child. A school social worker supports students in their learning and social growth. Adult social work Adult social work offers help and support for managing everyday life, or if you have been in a crisis, lost a job or housing, if you are in debt or when substance abuse is affecting your life. The social office also offers information on social assistance, family support, disability services, elderly people’s services and substance abuse work. 21

6 THE FINNISH RED CROSS & CHURCH DIACONAL WORK FRC Riihimäki Church diaconal work The Riihimäki faction of The Finnish Red Cross is actively working with immigrants. You can ask for advice, when you need help. The diaconal workers of Riihimäki ­parish offer discussion support and, when needed, help with practical problems. Help is also available in English. Immigrants can participate in the parish activities, such as children and youth clubs and camps, as well as family activities and family camps. Additional information: ­ Läksyhelppi Thursdays 4pm–5pm In Läksyhelppi, volunteers help ­immigrants with homework and other study-related tasks. Suomi-kahvila Thursdays 5pm–7pm In Suomi-kahvila, you can practice ­Finnish, meet new people and socialise. The café is open to everyone and no prior Finnish skills are required. The meetings are organised in the city’s community centre Riksula in Matka­ keskus. Coffee and tea are served. Advance registration not required. Up-to-date information on the website. Riksula Eteläinen Asemakatu 2 tel. 050 308 3213 22 Appointment with a diaconal worker by phone Mondays and Wednesdays 12pm–1pm tel. 0800 170707 (free of charge) The mass is organised on Sundays at 10am. Keskuskirkko, Hämeenkatu 5

LINKS Finnish Immigration Service Migri I Digital and population data service agency I Kela (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland) I service I I (information also available in Ukrainian) TE services I and Tax office I City of Riihimäki I (partially in English) Social and health services, OmaHäme I Production: TK mediatalo Oy Photos: Jenniina Nummela, Mikko Käkelä Layout: TK mediatalo Oy Texts: Marjaana Tunturi Press: UPC, Vaasa Copyright: City of Riihimäki 23