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Editorial In this issue: Rising after the pandemic After a difficult period with uncertainty about the future, it now looks as if the worst of the corona pandemic is over. We see a sharp rise in the market for our transports. Despite an occasional lack of capacity, we have been able to achieve records in transported volumes and kilometres driven. Unfortunately, the post-pandemic restart has led to a component shortage that has affected both the maintenance of vehicles and deliveries of new vehicles. At Powder-Trans, we have managed this situation quite well thanks to our efficient workshop and a modern vehicle fleet. We have also noted record development in our new investments in the warehousing business. Our customers have increasingly started to use our expanded services in Lieto. And just in time for this upswing, in Sweden during the autumn we were able to start operating out of the new modern and centrally located spaces in Landskrona. However, the run-in period requires time, but here too we see future opportunities for similar development as in Finland. And to further strengthen the Swedish operations, we have also opened offices in the Stockholm region. Our investments in staff training have continued unabated. During the autumn, we arranged training in driving on slippery roads to prepare for sometimes difficult winter road conditions. This was a programme that was appreciated by both drivers and customers. Driver training has also continued in other respects, now also with new training locations and systems. Our new intranet has proved to be very important during the pandemic, as communication with drivers has continued as usual and even expanded. In addition, we have developed our organization by dividing our efforts according to our customer base. Our important environmental work has also progressed on many fronts. More and more customers are interested in transports that use environmentally friendly fuels, and today we run an increasing proportion of transports in this way. Environmental reporting has been further developed so that we can soon offer customers several standardized or customer- and cargo-specific tailored reports. To make our environmental work visible, we have introduced the slogan "Think Green - we do it". We would like to thank our customers and other stakeholders for the good feedback we have received. It feels good to know that we have your interest and support. Thank you also to our personnel. In 2022, the company will also reach the respectable age of 50 years - thanks to you! Fredrik Blomqvist 2 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Rising after the pandemic 2 Unique driver training... 3 Good cooperation... 4-5 Innovations on stable... 6-7 New report important... 8 Increased interest... 9 Success through passion 10-11 Powder-Trans brand... 12 New logos and slogan... 12 Anniversary and improved... 13 Investing in information 13 Experience leads the way 14-15 New central location... 16 High warehousing demand..16 New deliveries postponed 17 • • • • Full reporting control 18 Improved working... 19 Solutions that make... 20-21 Strengthening operational... 21 • • • Generational shift... New tool great help... "Working in the field... 22 23 23 • • • • A journey through... Renewed collaboration... We at PT A unique project... 24-25 25 26-27 28

Unique driver training on slippery roads In 2021, at the beginning of autumn, Powder-Trans arranged a training day for drivers to practice driving on slippery and wet roads. The training took place on a practice track in Paimio a short distance from Turku in south-west Finland. The course, which was organized by Powder-Trans together with the CAP Group, attracted a full house with as many as 30 participating drivers. “It was a very successful course about driving with heavy vehicles on wet roads,” says quality manager Juha Hietakari, who is also responsible for training at Powder-Trans. As Powder-Trans has ISO 39001 certification for road traffic safety, it is important for the company to continue to improve traffic safety and driver knowledge. Powder-Trans has previously had several collaborations with, for example, schools and day-care centres, but exercises on a practice track are something new. “We are constantly looking for new ways to improve traffic safety,” says Hietakari. Realistic situations The idea of driving with heavy vehicle combinations on slippery tracks was new even for the CAP Group, but when Hietakari and Juha Kleimola from CAP Group visited Paimio, they started sketching out the idea. “Being out in the field is completely different from sitting in a classroom. The drivers could see how the rig behaves when the tires lose grip and how long the braking distances can be,” says Hietakari. Hietakari also points out that as a driver you can be lulled into a false sense of security as modern vehicles today have so many technical aids. But if the tires lose grip, you have to know what to do. “Therefore, it is very good to practice in the autumn before the roads become slippery.” Important lessons During the training, they also concentrated on the importance of loading, speed, and safety distance in road safety and how to react in dangerous situations. “It was a very good education and really important for the drivers, especially before the winter and slip- pery road conditions arrive,” says driver Jouko Toivonen. Toivonen has driven for PowderTrans for three years. Although he was sometimes surprised by how fast the vehicle could stop, it was also an eye opener to see how the trailer could easily lose grip in slippery curves even at low speeds. ”It was a very good education and really important for the drivers.” “It is really important to keep track of your speed, especially when turning.” During the training, the drivers got to experience, among other things, how 40 meters of space is required to brake from 35 kilometres per hour to zero on slippery surfaces, while on dry surfaces less than 10 meters is needed. “We learned how the car behaves in bad road conditions. Even if this was done under controlled conditions, we picked up a lot,” says Toivonen. 3

Good cooperation in un In 2025, the largest port in the Nordics will become even bigger. Together with a number of contractors, Powder-Trans has been an important partner in the extensive expansion project of the Port of Gothenburg. For Powder-Trans, the project has been one of the largest project transports ever and will pave the way for similar operations in the future. Between September 2020 and February 2021, Powder-Trans drove almost 33,000 tonnes of slag and cement to the port in Arendal. The timetable was tight and transports Photo: Private rolled seven days a week. “This was a really intensive project, but everything also worked really well. Thanks to good cooperation and close contact between the partners, we succeeded.” This is what Michael Stertman, operations manager for PowderTrans in Sweden, says. As a relative newcomer to the company, Stertman was not involved in the project right from the start, but caught up quickly with the impressive work that all parties involved in the construction had done. “The most intense was the pace. But thanks to the fact that the other parties also regarded us as a team player, more than as a carrier, we were able to constantly exchange views and arrive at the best solutions,” says Stertman. Several challenges Several construction companies have been active in the project in Arendal. One of Powder-Trans's closest partners was the company Swecem, which is a subsidiary of Henrik Palmkvist, Logistics Manager at Swecem. 4 The cargos to Arendal were delivered day and night. Swerock within the Peab Group. “This was Swecem's largest project regarding deliveries of binders. In total, we delivered 14,000 tonnes of slag and 18,500 tonnes of cement in just over four months. The biggest challenge was to get updates from the project as early as possible regarding increased or reduced production rates,” says Logistics Manager Henrik Palmkvist at Swecem. ”The most intense was the pace.” Swecem worked most closely with Powder-Trans and the Swedish construction company Peab. Palmkvist is very pleased with both the project and the cooperation with the other parties. “We are very satisfied and proud to have been a part of the project. It worked very well. Both transport organizers and drivers must be highly praised for their commitment and flexibility during the project.”

nique port construction By creating a pool and filling the sea with dredged material the terminal area was expanded. 800 loads in 4 months At Powder-Trans, transport organizers Rickard Haglund and Philip Linderberg handled a significant part of the coordination. “There were many early mornings and late evenings both weekdays and weekends, but the flexibility of our drivers meant that we could handle deliveries smoothly and with good quality,” says Rickard Haglund. With a total of almost 800 loads for the Powder-Trans part, the coordination was undoubtedly crucial. “The uneven need for deliveries was the biggest challenge, but thanks to the close dialogue with the customer, it was solved,” says Haglund. Unique project That the project in Arendal was so unique also gave motivation and more taste for such projects in the future. “It was a really exciting project that used an interesting method that was also effective and sustainable for both the customer and the environment,” says Michael Stertman. In addition to the project being Facts: • • • • • The expansion in Arendal is needed for future freight volumes. Already now, 30 percent of Sweden's foreign trade takes place through the port of Gothenburg. For the port, all ongoing expansion projects mean a billion investment in Swedish kronor measured. After the expansion and dredging, the world's largest container vessels of approximately 400 meters will be able to enter the port, even fully loaded with around 20,000 containers. The capacity of the entire port is growing and the service is being modernized. The new terminal covers 220,000 square meters. The new quay and terminal alone will be able to handle 200,000 RoRo and container units per year. an important part of the Port of Gothenburg's ongoing development project, the largest in the port's history ever, a new technology was used in the expansion. A large part of the masses used for the construction of the quay consist of dredging masses. During the project, a total of approximately 350,000 cubic meters of dredging masses have been reused, a large part of them polluted masses taken from the dredging of existing waterways to the Port of Gothenburg. But thanks to new technology, the masses have been able to be processed, stabilized and solidified. The contaminants have been encapsulated with the binders granulated slag and cement, which Powder-Trans delivered to the area together with Swecem. The method has increased the strength so that the masses can be used as building materials in the expansion. Both Rickard Haglund and Michael Stertman hope that Powder-Trans will have the chance to carry out more similar projects in the future. A slightly smaller but similar project is already underway in another Swedish port. More are coming. “I certainly think so as we have good skills, knowledge and experience,” says Haglund. 5

Our customer Innovations on stable foundations Concrete is one of the most important pillars in the construction industry, and something that requires constant development. That is why industry leader Lujabetoni is always looking ahead. Concrete with a small carbon footprint, concrete modules for bathrooms, and quick-drying concrete. These are just some of the new products launched by Finnish concrete company Lujabetoni in recent years. Most of the innovations have emerged in collaboration with customers. This is how Lujabetoni has been working for a long time. “During our almost 70-year history, new products have been launched on the market at a steady pace. In recent years, we have worked hard to create new solutions that ensure future success,” says Pekka Tiihonen, Head of Procurement and Logistics at Lujabetoni. That mindset, as well as being prepared to learn from mistakes, is something that has made both Lujabetoni and the other companies in the family owned Luja Group successful. Staff are encouraged to try new things and not be afraid of adversity. “You learn from your mistakes, and learning something new is always encouraged,” says Tiihonen. Risk mapping an important start Today, Lujabetoni is a leader in the Finnish concrete industry. Their factories are spread over most of the country and their products are used in residential and factory construction as well as public buildings, infrastructure, and agriculture. “Over the years, we have also expanded to Sweden and Russia, but our main market is still Finland,” says Tiihonen. In the Finnish market, Lujabetoni has long had extensive cooperation with Powder-Trans. The first transports began in Finland in the early 2000s. Since then, the collaboration has grown significantly. “The partnership has grown in step with our growth and positive experiences. A good example of development is the risk mapping that we did together with several parties,” says Tiihonen. ”It was a concrete proof of our good cooperation.” When Powder-Trans began working with Lujabetoni's transports, there were some problems that had to be solved. After the joint survey, these were minimized. “It was a concrete proof of our good cooperation. After this, the collaboration has been open and good. When problems arose, we dis- Pekka Tiihonen, Head of Procurement and Logistics at Lujabetoni. Lujabetoni's head office and factory in Siilinjärvi. Photos: Lujabetoni 6

Lujabetoni invests heavily in product development and new innovations, often in collaboration with customers. Photos: Lujabetoni cussed and found solutions together,” says Fredrik Blomqvist, CEO of Powder-Trans. Important values In total, Lujabetoni currently operates just over 30 factories in Finland, Sweden, and Russia. Several factories are in Sweden, and in Russia Lujabetoni is the only foreign concrete company in St. Petersburg's market for ready-mixed concrete, with six factories in the city. Lujabetoni accounts for about a quarter of the total annual turnover of EUR 800 million in the Luja Group and employs over 800 people. At the same time as the company looks ahead and grows, it does not forget its roots. “The values ​​that the company's founder Feliks Isotalo created in 1953 are still observed today,” says Pekka Tiihonen. In addition to renewal and innovation, this means a strong focus on customers and staff. But in such a hectic and extensive industry as the construction industry, even more is required. Scheduling, safety, and cost-effectiveness are crucial. In addition, the supply of raw materials must be consistent. Any unforeseen change in deliveries can have knockon negative effects. “In this regard, Powder-Trans is a very important part in our professional supply chain,” says Tiihonen. Tiihonen has only worked with Powder-Trans for a few years. Before that, Tiihonen's predecessor, the now retired Tapio Voutilainen, handled the contact. Fredrik Blomqvist remembers him as a tough buyer and a good partner. It is therefore gratifying that the collaboration with Pekka Tiihonen remains just as good. “I hope that the cooperation will continue to be good. Every day we have to do our best for our common future, and so far it has gone really well,” says Tiihonen. 7

The environment New report important for the future Powder-Trans's extensive environmental work will soon have a new tool. To further optimize transports and provide precise information to customers, a new system for environmental reporting is being created. Work on the company's most extensive environmental report yet began in 2020 and has been planned to be as beneficial as possible for customers and the environment. “The reporting will standardize our data, making it transparent and up-to-date. Data collection will take place automatically and reports are compiled according to the customer's wishes,” says Pontus Eggert who is responsible for environmental reporting at Powder-Trans. The work with the reporting has been extensive. Eggert compares the work to house construction. How functional and sustainable a house will be is determined by both good planning and establishing a firm foundation, which in the end is 8 invisible. “Since we have a large amount of data that comes from several different systems, and which should then be analyzed, broken down and processed, the right structures and a stable platform are required to store all the information in the right format.” The environmental reporting has unfortunately faced some delays in its implementation but is now in its final stages. “We will be able to report the environmental impact of all transports for a specific customer, for all or specific destinations. In addition, the information can be given, for example, per tonne or show the share Accurate and specific data When all systems and procedures are complete, Powder-Trans will be able to offer its customers several standardized and bespoke reports. Fredrik Blomqvist (left) and Pontus Eggert take part in the environmental reporting.

Increased interest in alternative fuels The data for each transport can be accessed in the vehicles. of renewable energy used,” says Eggert. The fact that the reports are precise and concern the total environmental impact, rather than being estimates or partial, is decisive. They can also be used internally to improve Powder-Trans operations. “Active environmental reporting also helps us find new, more efficient route alternatives and fuels as well as more sustainable ways of transport,” says Eggert. Building for the future According to Eggert, this is very important considering the situation the transport industry is currently in. More and more customers want accurate figures. For them to be able to consider a product's total environmental impact, information about transports is also needed. “This information will be needed in real time, not just in a report once a year. It is important that we can provide customers with statistics so that they can make accurate decisions.” ”We want to establish a foundation that will last for years.” The information is valuable for the customer both today and tomorrow, for daily work and for future development. “When we were thinking about the basic structure for environmental reporting, we decided that we want to establish a foundation that will last for years,” says Eggert. In 2020, Powder-Trans acquired its first gaspowered vehicle. In 2021, customers have shown an increased interest in, for example, bio fuels. LNG, LBG, GTL, electric power, and HVO. Alternative fuels for road transport are becoming more and more common in the Nordic countries. In recent years, Powder-Trans has also invested more in environmentally friendly fuels and today runs an increasing proportion of transports on, for example, biodiesel HVO. “Our interest is great, but to succeed, all parties must be helped. Negotiations are currently underway with several customers, especially in the construction industry, which is very gratifying. Together we can take greater responsibility,” says Powder-Trans CEO Fredrik Blomqvist. Powder-Trans has long used HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) in a significant part of the company's vehicle fleet. It continues to be the most common environmentally friendly fuel at Powder-Trans. “The gas-powered vehicle is a newer investment that requires a larger outlay when purchasing. So far, our experiences are very positive, but new and even more environmentally friendly alternatives are constantly being developed.” Blomqvist points out that alternative fuels are currently a major topic of discussion in the transport industry. Which fuels are the most environmentally friendly, and which are not as environmentally friendly as many have thought and claimed, are constant topics of discussion. “That is why we constantly monitor the situation. This is something of an exploratory phase with great opportunities and rapid development,” says Blomqvist. Meeting halfway In addition to HVO and LNG (liquefied natural gas), PowderTrans has also tested GTL, or gas to liquids, intended for diesel engines and converted from gas to liquid fuels. “A lot depends on what customers are prepared to invest in, and we are happy to respond to their demands and discuss and develop different solutions together,” Blomqvist notes. Due to the higher prices of, for example, LNG vehicles, and in general for fuels such as HVO, the parties must meet halfway in order for the transports to be able to run with the alternative fuels. “So far, it is unfortunately financially unsustainable to run a regular schedule with alternative fuels. The customer and the carrier must meet halfway,” says Blomqvist. At least right now, there is a lot of discussion in the industry and with customers. And initiatives often come from customers. Blomqvist is satisfied. “The acquisition of our first gas-powered vehicle was also a response to the demand for increasingly environmentally friendly logistics in large-scale industry. Alternative fuels are demanded by customers, and many want to invest in it. It really bodes well for the future.” 9

Our customer Success through passion With over 130 years of experience in first liquor production and then malt processing, market leader Viking Malt has much to base its continued success and development on. The group also sees the same passion and willingness to develop in its carrier, Powder-Trans. Viking Malt is today one of the largest international players in the malt industry, specializing in high-quality special malt. The group sells its products all over the world and is a leader in its home market of Northern Europe. “We have a strong market share, especially in the Nordic region, and 10 continue to be growth-oriented. We are constantly striving for development and want to respond to increased demand.” So says Timo Huttunen, director of the business area special malts. Right now, Viking Malt is investing heavily in response to growing demand, especially in the beer sector. Because they have growth and development plans, they prefer their partners to be similarly orientated. According to Huttunen, the collaboration with Powder-Trans has long since proved to be the right one. “The Powder-Trans way of working has been crucial for us, and their vehicles and equipment are suitable

for our needs. Development discussions have always been conducted very openly and innovatively and new initiatives have progressed in constructive and positive ways.” Drawing: Viking Malt This is what Viking Malt's new factory in Lahti will look like. A company with the human touch Viking Malt currently manufactures products primarily for the food and brewery industries. In 2016, it merged with the Danish Malting Group and thus became the largest malt manufacturer in the Nordic region and the ninth largest globally. Their product range is extensive with special malts for countless beers in the range. Quality and an eye for detail are important ingredients for success. “This is how you reach sustainable solutions, something I also see at Powder-Trans. Quality is crucial to the customer and not negotiable,” says Huttunen. While Viking Malt is a giant in its industry, the company has not forgotten the personal touch. They offer laboratory services, maintain a library of recipes and guides for beer brewers, and have their own brewmaster who can help customers get started with their own business. The fact that the company is also majority owned and run as a fifth-generation family business is another trump card. The Group's production is currently concentrated in five European countries, primarily in the Nordic region, with an annual production of approximately 600,000 tonnes representing EUR 250 million in sales. Their customers consist of everything from microbreweries to large brewery giants. And growth continues. In 2021, the Group began construction of a completely new factory in Lahti, Finland. It should be ready in 2023. “This factory will increase our production capacity and strengthen sales, especially internationally,” says Huttunen. Powder-Trans is without a doubt one of our most important partners in domestic transport in Finland,” says Huttunen. In addition to within Finland, Powder-Trans also transports cargo to Sweden and the Baltics. Since the loads go from Viking Malt's factories straight to their customers in the brewing industry, the opinions of the latter are crucial. “Our customers have been very positive about our transports. In my opinion, everything works great. We have always been happy with the collaboration, and in addition, Powder-Trans is a nice bunch of people to work with.” Powder-Trans meets the high requirements Viking Malt places on transports, including everything from product safety regulations and cleanliness to punctual delivery and Photos: Viking Malt A flexible partner Viking Malt forecasts a bright future and hopes to continue to develop as a company alongside good partners. “We strongly believe in that. Timo Huttunen points out that sustainability and quality are crucial for Viking Malt. well-maintained vehicles. “Proper sealing, inspections, and cleanliness are admittedly a matter of course in this industry, but they should still be emphasized. In addition, it is important to be able to receive deliveries on time so that production is not interrupted,” says Huttunen. Environmental issues in focus The collaboration between the two companies started several decades ago. Powder-Trans started running transports for the then Raisio Malt, which was later acquired by Viking Malt. “It started with transports from Finland abroad, and transports from a malting plant in Sweden. Since then, our cooperation has grown, and we are very satisfied,” says Robin Rosenberg, Key Account Manager at Powder-Trans. In addition, the development does not stop here. “Right now, we are discussing, among other things, using more environmentally friendly fuels. Environmental issues are something we are increasingly focusing on, and also there it is nice that Powder-Trans has ready-made solutions to offer. At this point, we must all take responsibility and follow the same agenda,” says Huttunen. That way of thinking is the same in Powder-Trans. “In the summer of 2021, we agreed to start driving the transports to one of Viking Malt's customers using 100 percent HVO fuel. This is a very positive development,” says Robin Rosenberg. The two parties clearly think alike. Passion is without a doubt a crucial ingredient. 11

Powder-Trans brand consolidated in the Nordics Powder-Trans's new environmental slogan and logo encourages everyone to think green. From the summer of 2021, the Group’s Swedish operations will also be conducted under the Powder-Trans moniker. The name change strengthens the Group's visibility throughout the Nordic region and means that the corporate brand Powder-Trans will also be present in Sweden. The Swedish subsidiary Bulkteam AB now goes by the name PowderTrans Sweden AB. “This is a natural development. The change will strengthen our presence as a Nordic company as well as our future investments in Sweden,” says CEO Fredrik Blomqvist. Lars-Åke Büchau, site manager for operations in Sweden, also believes that the name change will result in many benefits. “Operating under the same brand is clearly beneficial. Powder-Trans is a well-established name especially in the larger customer segments,” Büchau explains. The name change has taken place gradually since the summer on signs, property and vehicles. “The change does not affect the business in any other way. Our work with customers, staff and other partners will continue as before,” Blomqvist adds. Powder-Trans has had extensive operations in Sweden for decades. International traffic to Sweden from Finland began in 1982 and in 2009 a first subsidiary was founded. In 2014, Powder-Trans became a partner in Bulkteam, buying the rest of the company in 2019. In even more recent years, the business has expanded further. Today, domestic traffic in Sweden accounts for a third of the entire Group's transport and logistics assignments. 12 New logos and slogan in use A new logo and slogan that draws attention to Powder-Trans's environmental work and a logo that highlights the company's 50th anniversary. These are the latest results of Powder-Trans's continued focus on increased communication and visibility. The logos have been developed by Oy HolmMediaData Ab and Pixaton Oy in 2021 and will be seen on Powder-Trans vehicles and other contexts in 2022. Through the new environmental logo, Powder-Trans wants to communicate its own environmental thinking to the outside world, and encourage customers, partners, and the general public to think green. Everyone can contribute in their own way. At Powder-Trans, environmental thinking takes the form of several concrete measures. It is expressed in everything from the use of solar energy and more environmentally friendly fuels to optimized load weights and minimised empty driving. Among other things, these measures justify the new slogan "Think Green - we do it". To customers, Powder-Trans wants to communicate that the company is happy to come up with concrete solutions to reduce their environmental impact. This is done, among other things, through a modern and fuel-efficient vehicle fleet as well as the use of more environmentally friendly fuels such as HVO, GTL and LNG. Details such as mirrorless vehicles, environmentally optimized tires, and wind deflectors on the sides of the vehicles also have an effect, not to mention a strong focus on digital follow-up and training in environmentally considerate driving. The purpose of the anniversary logo is, in turn, to celebrate the company reaching the respectable age of 50 in 2022. The experience and history of Powder-Trans is very important to the company. PowderTrans has previously noted various landmarks with new logos. The new anniversary logo is stylish and will be visible both at special events and in daily activities.

Anniversary and improved visibility In 2022, Powder-Trans turns 50 years old. This landmark will be celebrated with festivities and publication of a company history. 50 years is a long time, especially in such a turbulent and important business as the transport industry. Technological development has been rapid and the national economy with all its fluctuations has contributed to an eventful history. “Powder-Trans has had a colourful history to say the least,” says Christoffer Holm, author of the history book. “The setbacks have been many, but so have the successes. The company has survived crucial stages in Finnish and international history, interesting episodes in the growth of the transport industry, and major turning points in social development.” The company biography is published during the anniversary year and chronicles the company's entire history from the one-man business that was founded in 1972 by CarlJohan Blomqvist to the Nordic industry leader of today. “The story is about how a small company found its niche, how one person took the step to create something bigger, and how countless people then made it what it is today,” says Holm. The book is largely based on interviews but also information from archive material, documents, news- Sonja Blomqvist and her sons Fredrik and Christian in the 90s. paper articles, industry historians, and images from Powder-Trans's 50-year history. It also covers the time prior to the company’s founding, and looks ahead to the postanniversary years. Investing in information Ahead of the 50th anniversary, Powder-Trans has continued to strengthen its profile and increase visibility in other ways. In 2021, the Group renewed its website, with more facts, new visual material and an animated presentation about the company and staff. The customer magazine is also available electronically. “We want to provide our customers, partners, employees and the public with more comprehensive and up-to-date information about the company. In addition, we want to share current news and events in the Group. That is why we have invested more in our communications,” says CEO Fredrik Blomqvist. Later in 2021, Powder-Trans published a presentation film on both the company's website and on social media. The film describes both everyday life in the bulk transport industry and Powder-Trans in particular, as well as the company's services. In addition, it provides an insight into the roles of drivers and The Powder-Trans company film describes everything about the business from vehicles to staff. other employees. “In the run-up to the 50th anniversary, we want to be able to give customers and other partners as comprehensive an insight into the company as possible. Openness and information are important,” says Blomqvist. The main festivities will take place between the 5th and 7th of May 2022. Customers, suppliers, partners, staff, and the general public will be invited to the terminal and head office in Lieto. The program includes guided tours, snacks, an exhibition of modern and vintage vehicles, and other entertainment. More information will be published closer to the anniversary. 13

Our department A working day for a driver is very varied, with everything from checking and washing the carriage to loading and checking in for Experience leads the The company’s drivers are Powder-Trans’ representatives to the wider world. As a driver, a great deal of professionalism and knowledge is required. Collectively, Powder-Trans drivers drive hundreds of loads and tens of thousands of kilometres daily on Nordic, Baltic and northern European roads. But the driving itself is ultimately only a small part of the work. In order for the loads to arrive safely, at the right time, with consistent quality and as environmentally friendly as possible, a lot is required. “Driving is actually just a fraction of the responsibilities. To load correctly, to wash the tanks, to consider the environment and ensure that everything is done safely while taking schedules into account requires a lot,” points out Christian Blomqvist, operations director at Powder-Trans. Therefore, Powder-Trans also places high demands on its drivers, and as a result the company has knowledgeable employees. New drivers are attracted by an interesting industry, while many experienced ones have stayed for decades. “It is interesting and varied work. I have worked in the bulk industry for 32 years, so clearly I enjoy it,” 14 says driver Juha Vuorinen. Vuorinen has worked for almost 20 years as a bulk truck driver at Powder-Trans. His colleague Johan Backlund has a similar background. Like Vuorinen, he has driven trucks and heavy vehicle combinations all his life. He has worked at PowderTrans for over 21 years. “When you have For Juha Vuorinen, been in the indusdriving is natural. try for a long time, you know the working methods, but there is always something new to learn,” says Backlund. Lifestyle and variety It is early morning when Johan Backlund starts from the terminal in Lieto with a transport to Sweden. Before starting, he inspects the tires and lubricates the propeller shaft. The night before, he had connected the trailer as well as the electric and hydraulic hoses and washed the entire equipage in the washing hall a stone's throw from the terminal. “One day you can be in Sweden, the next in Norway. Of course, the variety is attractive. Many places are familiar, but even though I have been working at this for so long, I still always discover new places.” ”Driving is just a fraction of the responsibilities.” According to Backlund, the profession is very much a lifestyle. “If you have been working in this job for a while, it is not possible to stop. In large part it is about freedom. You plan most things yourself, but of course you are also responsible for a lot. You do not have to wait for loading and unloading for several hours at a terminal. It is completely different from ordinary freight traffic.” For both Johan Backlund and Juha Vuorinen, employment in the transport industry has always been a matter of course. “Actually, I am a trained chef, but then I fell into the transport industry. As a young man, I dreamed

transports. Driver Johan Backlund at work. way about driving big vehicles and a life on the road,” says Backlund. “It is an interesting industry. It all starts from an interest in driving trucks,” concurs Vuorinen. A typical day for Vuorinen starts early in the morning, sometimes around five. During the day there are usually a couple of loadings and unloadings. “There are long days from time to time, but I do not see it as particularly heavy work.” Vuorinen thrives in every way both behind the wheel and at Powder-Trans. “I look positively to the future. Sure, there are challenges, but I'm really happy.” transport chain and handle the work with great competence. I really lift my hat off to our drivers,” says Director of Operations Christian Blomqvist. ” As a young man, I dreamed about driving.” The fact that many drivers also know their vehicles well, and can even make small repairs, is another plus. The industry has many challenges, but at Powder-Trans the outlook is positive. When asked about challenges, the drivers men- tion traffic culture. “That's the first thing I think of. It used to be worse in Sweden, but now it has gotten worse in Finland as well,” says Johan Backlund as Juha Vuorinen nods in agreement. “Sometimes it's really challenging, just like driving on slippery roads during the winter.” Other trials are, for example, ferry timetables and cramped loading and unloading facilities. But the two drivers also agree that challenges are there to be solved. “I always try to develop and improve. That's how it should be,” says Backlund. The outward face Backlund and Vuorinen are two of the more than 120 drivers who today belong to Powder-Trans's own employees. In addition, the company employs a large number of drivers via contract carriers. “They are our outward face to customers and on the roads. They are very important parts of the A new journey begins. 15

New central location in Sweden During the summer and autumn of 2021, Powder-Trans moved its Swedish operations from Dalby to Landskrona. “There were several important justifications for the move, but an investment in streamlining our storage capacity was a particularly weighty motivation.” This is how Site Manager LarsÅke Büchau explains the basis for the long-awaited move to new facilities in Sweden. Landskrona, on the southwest coast of Sweden, was chosen due to its proximity to customers and port, road, and rail connections. “Because our warehousing operations are primarily focused on large quantities of materials, big bags and goods from abroad, we needed a more central location,” Büchau adds. Thanks to contacts in Sweden, the new location was identified early in the year. The actual move took place in the summer and autumn. “We are a fairly small organization here in Sweden, but everyone has in some way contributed to both the planning and the move,” says Büchau. Operations and customer services continued concurrently with the move. But combining the relocation with continued daily operations has nevertheless been demanding. Powder-Trans is grateful for the patience and understanding of the staff, customers, and partners. In the long run, the move will benefit all parties. “Our new warehouses and offices are significantly more modern and can be developed further. The storage capacity is more suitable for our business, and we have received modern machine equipment. Also, we are now in closer proximity to several of our customers,” says Büchau. The end result is better customer service, something that CEO Fredrik Blomqvist is very pleased with. “The move benefits the office and warehouse staff and drivers, and not least the customers in our Swedish operations,” he says. The premises in the vicinity of Landskrona harbour cover almost 3,000 square meters, meaning an notable increase in capacity. In addition, Powder-Trans opened an office in the Stockholm region during the autumn. Operations Manager Michael Stertman will be stationed at the office in Knivsta. Together, the new investments mean a big step forward for the Swedish operations. High warehousing demand in Finland In 2020, Powder-Trans acquired new warehouse facilities in Finland. In 2021, it became clear that the investment was very successful. The new facilities next to the office and terminal in Lieto were ready in the spring of 2020. In addition to an increase in capacity, goods handling was optimized. “When we expanded, we also invested for the future. For example, to ensure that we have extra capacity that we did not have previously. In 2021 we saw we made the right decision.” So says Powder-Trans CEO Fredrik Blomqvist with a record year for Powder-Trans's warehousing operations behind him. 16 “With the new warehouse, we have been able to offer customers new and comprehensive services and, above all, overall responsibility for the transports. Demand has been high and even exceeded expectations.” The new warehouse gave the company an extra 3,000 square meters of space, the majority of it for warehousing and transhipment operations. In addition, cargo handling has become more environmentally friendly as packaging materials can now be recycled more easily and dust pollution has been minimised. The warehouse receives material on pallets or in big bags and containers. From the warehouse, the products can be delivered in big bags or directly in the tanks of the transport vehicles, depending on the customer's wishes. “With larger warehouses, we can also offer extra storage for products with limited or uncertain supplies. Every week there are interesting inquiries, and we naturally hope that the interest continues,” says Blomqvist.

New deliveries postponed In 2021, global scarcity of components postponed the delivery of several new vehicles for PowderTrans, delaying the company’s modernization plans. In recent years, Powder-Trans has had the ambitious goal of annually renewing 15 percent of its vehicle fleet. In this way, the fleet is as environmentally friendly and technologically advanced as possible. In 2020, the target was met, and the company received around 20 new trucks, in addition to investments in new trailers. “We constantly strive to optimize our operations to achieve the lowest possible environmental impact of transports. An important step in this work is the annual renewal of a significant part of the vehicle fleet,” says CEO Fredrik Blomqvist. About 20 vehicles in the fleet are replaced every year. In 2021, the manufacturers' lack of materials meant that not all new vehicles could be delivered. In 2021, that goal encountered a problem as component and material shortages among truck manufacturers led to the postponement of a number of deliveries from 2021 to the summer of 2022. “For us, this does not mean a loss of capacity, but postpones important planned investments,” says Blomqvist. With more than ten ordered but delayed vehicles on the list, PowderTrans was not able to meet its target for 2021. Nevertheless, all the Group's approximately 120 vehicles in regular traffic today are of the highest environmental classes Euro 5 and Euro 6. A total of 90 percent of the vehicles are Euro 6. On the other hand, deliveries of trailers and tanks, both from Feldbinder in Germany and Site in Finland, have proceeded more satisfactorily. Powder-Trans now hopes that the situation will improve in 2022. The modernization of the transport industry is also generally important to meet the EU's climate goals for transport by 2030. In relation to this, Powder-Trans aims to be among the industry pioneers in the Nordic region. The expanded inventory management has a record year behind it. 17

My job Full reporting control When she started at Powder-Trans, the industry was completely foreign to her. Today, Annmari Katajainen ensures that both customers and Powder-Trans receive necessary reports even before they need to be requested. With over ten years of experience in the office, Katajainen is an important cog in the transport and finance operations of the company. As a sales controller for the Finnish operations, she is responsible, among other things, for ensuring that each transport is invoiced in accordance with the contract and that all data in the computer systems corresponds to the information in the consignment notes. “My work is quite varied, but I can decide myself how to prioritise my tasks with only a few limits.” When Annmari started working at Powder-Trans, she only handled invoicing. Since then, her responsibility has grown significantly. “Over the years, in addition to invoicing, I have worked with minor tasks, from ordering office supplies to developing the ERP system. Nowadays, I am fully responsible for sales reporting as well as certain internal tasks within the Group.” registers. All in all, she knows a lot about sales and customer agreements. “Sometimes it is difficult to keep to the schedules. At the same time, it is very rewarding to succeed with challenging tasks within the timetable.” When Annmari started working for Powder-Trans, she had recently made several big decisions in life. After being a housewife for two and a half years, she had returned to the service sector and a three-shift job. It soon turned out that the work did not go hand in hand with family life and therefore she chose to get a new education and look for work through a recruitment company. Successful decisions “I had only been studying for a couple of weeks when I was contacted about my application.” After that, everything went fast. In addition, Annmari handles the updating of price lists and customer 18 ”I like our cohesion, and I know that I can get help if I need it.” The staffing company felt that Annmari would be suitable for Powder-Trans and soon she had a new job. “I got the job and became a permanent employee when the initial contract expired. I have not regretted that decision once!” Ambitions continue Today, Annmari finds satisfaction in her own work, contact with customers and internal cooperation. “I like our cohesion, and I know that I can get help if I need it. In my opinion, cooperation with the customers is good. I try to provide recurring measures or reports even before the customer specifically requests them.” Annmari therefore looks forward to the future, for both herself and Powder-Trans. “For ten years, I have been able to follow how ambitious PowderTrans's plans are, as well as how they have developed step by step. I think that development will continue.”

Improved working methods in the new workshop For the Powder-Trans workshop in Lieto, 2021 has been a year of major changes. New systems and effective planning have led to an ever-faster pace of vehicle projects. In 2021, several new working methods and digital systems were introduced in the workshop, including electronic working time follow-up and electronic work orders. Via a phone app, the fitters can now clock in at work, record working hours and have an overview of which projects and tasks are to be performed. In addition, one can easily follow which parts and equipment are used for a specific project. “The system makes it possible to record parts used for a specific work order with QR codes. The system works in real time and gives automatic notifications when the stock of a given part in the warehouse goes below a certain limit,” says vehicle manager Tero Viitanen. In this way, the workshop can easily follow up when new parts are to be ordered. “It has made the whole process streamlined, and we also avoid the possibility that the stock of a part is suddenly exhausted,” says Viitanen. This is especially important when it is difficult to get certain components from factories, as was the case in 2021. “In addition, it facilitates accounting as the system automatically creates a report on who worked on a certain project, for how long, and how many parts were used,” Viitanen adds. The same system is used in the warehouse in Lieto and the new warehouses in Landskrona, Sweden. Foresighted work During the year, the workshop also streamlined the repair and modification of trailers, as well as More and more work and maintenance on vehicles is being performed in Powder-Trans's own workshop. Tero Viitanen is satisfied with the workshop's new follow-up system. the replacement of tanks for new chassis, by manufacturing some necessary parts in advance. “We can assemble certain parts beforehand. They can be booked into the warehouse using their serial numbers and are ready to be mounted on the trailers,” says Viitanen. According to Viitanen, much of what was planned when the new warehouse in Lieto was ready in 2020 will now be implemented. “Everything is now working properly, and the streamlining of processes continues.” In 2021, more staff were hired and Viitanen thinks more will be employed in the future. The goal is to make as many repairs and modifications as possible in PowderTrans’s own facilities, thus avoiding delays at other workshops. One common task is to swap old tanks for new ones on the chassis. “Today we already perform over 80 percent of the tank exchanges ourselves. We won’t start to build the tanks from scratch but will be able to do everything else ourselves.” Annually, the workshop makes around ten major repairs and alterations, as well as about twenty tank exchanges. In addition, countless minor repairs, modifications, and improvements are made to vehicles and trailers. 19

Our supplier Solutions that make the world roll Globally, tire manufacturer Michelin has long been a giant in the industry and a symbol of travel and mobility. At Michelin, quality always comes before quantity. With its roots in central France and the brothers Édouard and André Michelin's rubber factory in 1889, the multinational company has had an interesting history. It all started with bicycle tires, but over the years, countless innovations have replaced each other, and the company has also become known for more than tires. Both Michelin's map services and restaurant guides, not to mention the symbolic Michelin man, have made the company world famous. But to be global, one must also be local, and that is where Michelin's innumerable national and regional points of activity around the world come in. “Michelin is the world's leading tire manufacturer. It is a global company with more than 120,000 employees. The Group has 71 tire manufacturing plants, 9 research and development centres and a commercial presence in 170 countries. Michelin Nordic is part of the group,” says Jari Havelin, Key Account Manager for Michelin Services & Solutions in Finland. Michelin Services & Solutions is a business area of Michelin och Michelin Nordic. Michelin Nordic currently employs around 200 people at the head office and warehouse in Sweden, and in the field throughout the Nordic region. Today, one of the main priorities in both the national and global operations is to make tire production as sustainable as possible. “To cooperate with us today actually means to participate in the development of the mobility of the future,” says Havelin. In addition to tire manufacturing, Michelin nowadays also invests in new digital solutions, hydrogen cell technology and the development of new materials. By 2050, the company will be carbon neutral in its entire production and supply chain. “We are a different tire manufacturer that tries to increase our market share by manufacturing products that give the end user the highest possible quality, safety, comfort and environmentally friendly use,” says Havelin. To that end, however, high quali- Jari Havelin and Michelin focus on quality. ty tires are not enough - know-how is needed to reach the right solution for the right customer. This is the job of Joni Isorinne, Michelin Services & Solutions' Fleet Operator in Finland. “When it comes to changing tires, everything is based on foresight. By taking advantage of our experience of tire wear and regular tire inspections, we can prepare the replacements well in advance before the actual needs arise,” says Isorinne. Favourable cooperation Michelin's experience and service quality mean an efficient and convenient overall package for the customer, while reducing tire wear and environmental impact. Therefore, Powder-Trans were convinced to Photos: Michelin Michelin is a global giant but also a company that thinks locally and in detail. 20

Strengthening operational management Joni Isorinne manages the inspection of tires on Powder-Trans vehicles. sign up to a new multi-year agreement with Michelin. It includes all necessary tire changes, follow-ups, reporting and in particular optimisation. “Together, we evaluate different solutions to, for example, achieve better fuel economy, transport capacity and durability of the tires. We are very proud of this collaboration with Powder-Trans,” says Havelin. “I think the collaboration is excellent. We have many values ​​and goals in common,” adds Isorinne. Michelin's business philosophy has always been to help people, goods, and services to move freely, and thus also support the development of society. This way of thinking can also be seen in the services Michelin currently delivers to transport companies such as Powder- Every day, Powder-Trans has more than 3,000 tires in motion. Trans. “The most important factors that customers point out are that they get peace of mind when it comes to the tires and that they can focus on their transport operations,” says Havelin. The wheels roll on In order to achieve a clearer division of labour and broaden the company's operational management, Powder-Trans has in 2021 established a new position as Director of Operations for the Group. The position has been taken up by Christian Blomqvist, the company's former transport and human resources manager. In his new position, Christian remains in charge of the transport management, personnel, and subcontracting for the entire group, but is now also responsible for some other operational tasks For Michelin, the collaboration with Powder-Trans also gives important data about Nordic roads and weather conditions, data which in turn is used for research and product development of future green ways to move. Havelin points out that all parties in a transport chain are important for development, among them also the customers of carriers such as Powder-Trans. The wheel has been called the most important invention in history, but that does not mean that it has been developed to its full extent. At Michelin, the trend is always towards improvement, and as Havelin points out cooperation is the best way to achieve this. “Together we always achieve more,” he concludes. within the group. Thanks to this expanded position, the company's CEO Fredrik Blomqvist will be able to devote himself to the strategic development of the Group. 21

Personnel Robin Rosenberg is enjoying his new responsibilities. New tool gr In 2020, Powder-Trans launched its new intranet. During the coronapandemic, the tool proved to be even more important than expected. Generational shift in sales With a background in transport planning, Robin Rosenberg sees great potential in the future. After more than 15 years at Powder-Trans, Sales Manager Esa Salminen has retired. His replacement Robin Rosenberg has broad experience but also big shoes to fill. “Getting into this job has not been a small project. There have been hundreds of contact persons to get to know,” says Rosenberg. However, thanks to Salminen's long experience of almost 40 years in the industry, Rosenberg has received a lot of useful advice. “He's tried to share as much as possible, which is really important to me.” industry where every day brings something new. “I've kind of jumped from one end of the chain to the other. Having worked as a transport organizer helps a lot. I know what is possible in practice, the customers are familiar, and besides, I know what many of them appreciate.” If he had experience as a driver, Rosenberg would have had even more understanding of the industry, according to him. At Powder-Trans there are many who have started as drivers and then continued in other roles. New contexts Progress through cooperation As new Key Account Manager, Rosenberg will focus on customer relationships but also has the role of sales manager. The most interesting part of the job is both the forward-looking work with customers and being able to see the industry and transport assignments from a new perspective. “In the past, I had a more defined area of responsibility, now I get a more comprehensive picture,” he points out. Rosenberg has previously worked in transport planning. After six rewarding years in that role, it's exciting to take on new tasks in an In the new post, Rosenberg can look to the future. With a comprehensive view of Powder-Trans, he sees great potential in the company, and continued growth. “We will continue to strengthen our business and invest even more in green values,” Rosenberg explains. “I want to be a part of that development, together with the customers. That's the best thing about customer work in Powder-Trans. The customer is not only a customer, but also a partner. There's a strength. It's our vision and something I want to work for.” 22 “Given all the communication needed, the intranet has been a very important tool during the pandemic. The office has been able to send important and urgent information to drivers and contractors, and has been able to use images, video material, text and external links in a way we could not before.” So says project manager Pontus Eggert, who is responsible for maintaining the Powder-Trans intranet. Both he and quality manager Juha Hietakari, who built up the intranet, have very positive things to say about the new tool that Powder-Trans has now used for just over a year. “To a large extent, we have only received a positive response. The "Working in the field After a year as Operative Manager in Sweden, Michael Stertman sees great potential in the Swedish arm of the business. In addition to changes in the Finnish organization, over the past year Powder-Trans has increased its investment in operations in Sweden. In 2020, Stertman took over as OM. He has had a successful start in the post, despite the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic. “Under the circumstances, the

reat help during the pandemic When the corona pandemic struck, this proved to be extra important, as the information was often both urgent and detailed. Among other things, new instructions were often needed for how loading, unloading and contact with customers were to be carried out. “Via the intranet, it was relatively easy to share this information,” says Hietakari. In addition to the pandemic-related benefits, Powder-Trans also noticed other advantages during the year. For example, damage reports can now be dealt with much more easily, even outside the organization. “In practice, this means that the reports can be sent directly to the workshop, which can then confirm the repairs,” says Hietakari. “In addition, the drivers have appreciated how easy it is to use the modules when plans change at short notice. And management has also appreciated that everything is now managed via a single channel. Previously, paper, text messages, emails and Whatsapp messages were all used,” Pontus Eggert adds. Both Hietakari and Eggert also point out that the intranet is constantly improving. “It is also positive that we have received a lot of good ideas and tips on what could be improved, and we have been able to implement some of them almost directly,” says Eggert. routines is both fun and rewarding. Since I also started my career as a bulk driver, it's extra fun. Sometimes I learn something new, sometimes I can come up with a tip. If I can help, I will try, but in the end everyone will find their own method.” The customer work that Stertman has been looking forward to, on the other hand, has been a bit more on ice, so to say. “I look forward to that aspect getting started for real and I hope that with my previous customer relationships I can build new opportunities in this role,” he comments. “Of course, I also have a strong focus on our existing customers and to strengthen ongoing collaborations. During the pandemic, it has been a bit frustrating not to meet all the different parties.” Stertman believes that the outlook for Powder-Trans's Swedish operations is very positive. Demand exists. And after the pandemic, there are many new partnerships to build. “In-person meetings are needed to be able to create contacts more efficiently. Of course, the pandemic has made work more efficient in some ways, which we have all learned from, but physical meetings are still needed.” During the autumn of 2021, Powder-Trans set up an office in Knivsta outside Stockholm. From there, Stertman will increasingly work with Swedish customers. “No two days are the same,” he concludes, “which makes this job interesting. The situation is constantly changing.” Communication has benefited greatly from the new intranet. drivers and transport organizers noticed its benefits shortly after the launch,” says Hietakari. Fast information flow Hietakari points out that the benefits of the intranet have been especially notable during the pandemic as physical contact with customers has been avoided. But the intranet is also very important as a large part of Powder-Trans's staff is spread across the Nordic countries, the Baltics and the rest of Northern Europe. d is very rewarding" work has started really well,” he says. “As Operative Manager I meet customers and partners, talk to the drivers, and get an overview of the entire business. With a lot of doors closed thanks to Covid, it has been a little harder than usual, but still rewarding.” In 2021, Stertman worked more internally, including with transport organizers and drivers, and often in the field. “To be able to ride with the drivers and get acquainted with their “With the kind of work we do, it is extra important to have the right information channel for the drivers.” ”To a large extent, we have only received a positive response.” 23

Profile A journey through the de As long-term transport manager at industrial group A. Ahlström and later Rautaruukki, Mauri Vikeväinen has experienced a lot in the transport industry. Early in his career, he was also an important cog in moving the company, that would later become Powder-Trans, forward. For much of the 20th century, A. Ahlström was a real giant in Finnish industry. In this company, when he was in his twenties, Vikeväinen was given the responsibility of transport manager during the early 70s. “Those were interesting times. When I started, the management of all the company's purchases was concentrated at the head office in Karhula, and I was given responsibility for all transport.” A. Ahlström then had factories at several locations in Finland. Karhula was an impressive complex with several factories, including the largest glass wool factory in the company. “By Finnish standards, the company was really big, with goods being sold all over the world. Helper in need Vikeväinen was thus witness to the development of a significant part of Finnish industrial history, as well as rapid developments in the transport industry. “Something was always happening. The maximum weights of the vehicles constantly increased and technology improved.” Things were also happening within his own area of ​​responsibility at A. Ahlström. Previously, his main task had been to negotiate prices. Now they increasingly began to plan the flow of goods. “Previously, the factories had functioned quite independently, so change was needed to achieve 24 more efficient transport. In Karhula, we managed to start planning return loads much better, even together with other companies in the area. And it became my task to coordinate.” Having sole overall responsibility for such an extensive business without modern aids such as computers and route planning systems is difficult to understand today. ”I got the transports flowing and the raw materials out.” “It was a fairly broad area of ​​activity and I had many factories to manage, everything from the glass and glass wool factories to paper production and the engineering industry.” A. Ahlström began investing in glass wool production in Forssa during the 1970s. Initially, the loads were driven on flatbeds, but they soon noticed that transports were A. Ahlström was one of Carl-Johan Blomqvist's and Powder-Trans's first and most important customers. handled more efficiently with bulk vehicles. This is where Carl-Johan Blomqvist's small transport company from Kimito came in. Thereafter, Vikeväinen became an important partner in the company’s development. “I have many times thought about how much Mauri helped me with the traffic permits. It was so hard to get them at that time. Mauris' contacts with the authorities and at the Ministry of Transport helped a lot,” says Carl-Johan. “Well, it was really difficult. But of course, it also benefited me - I got the transports flowing and the raw materials out,” says Mauri with a laugh. The collaboration between the transport manager and the young transport entrepreneur had nevertheless started with some trepidation, at least on one side. In 1977, Carl-Johan had been called to Mauri's office and thought it was about his transport agreement being negotiated with the wrong per-

evelopment of logistics The initially alarming conversation with Mauri Vikeväinen in 1977 was conducted by Carl-Johan Blomqvist on a similar ARP car phone and in the same kind of car that he has restored today. son within the company and therefore void. “I was actually quite scared, but Mauri calmed me down and said that the agreement was OK,” says Carl-Johan. Bulk transports break through The reason for the meeting was actually that Carl-Johan only had one truck with which to drive the transports. This was risky as the glass oven could not be left without raw material in case of a truck having mechanical problems. The factories only had small stocks of raw material, so to secure the flow of materials he needed another vehicle. One was soon acquired. “Clearly, we treated each other quite positively because we decided to continue and expand our cooperation,” Mauri says with a smile. In addition, the rapid development in the industry as a whole continued, including when bulk vehicles became more common. CarlJohan started driving bulk vehicles precisely because of A. Ahlström's transports. “Pressurised tanks were actually a fairly new invention then,” says Mauri. But the benefits were many. Capacity increased, dust pollution de- creased, and loading and unloading became more efficient. After 13 years at A. Ahlström, Vikeväinen still worked as a consultant for the company, and then as transport manager at Rautaruukki for almost 20 years until his retirement. “The Finnish National Railways’ former goods manager became CEO of Rautaruukki's new transport subsidiary JIT-Trans and recruited me there.” In that role, Vikeväinen remembers interesting collaborations with Russia, negotiations with international transport companies such as Schenker and DFDS, and the rail transports he was involved in starting with a Finnlink railway ferry, co-owned by Rautaruukki, from Finland to Sweden. “It is probably all the contacts and interesting meetings I have had that are my best memories.” For Rautaruukki, the transports involved millions of tons of goods and large investments every year. Today he can look back on a very interesting career, from moving goods to planning logistics. “Of course, people think about transport in a completely different way today. Logistics has a completely different reputation. A lot has happened,” he concludes. Renewed collaboration with Volvo As part of the modernization of the vehicle fleet, in 2021 PowderTrans chose to buy a Volvo for the first time in a few years. The vehicle is the brand-new model Volvo FH 6x4, equipped with a lot of new technology that improves the driver's comfort and the vehicle's environmental friendliness. To help adaptation to the many new technical solutions, driver training was also arranged in connection with the purchase. It focused, among other things, on the aids the driver can use to minimize their environmental impact. As these aids have become more and more numerous, the drivers must also stay up to date with them. At Powder-Trans, the training arranged by Volvo Trucks was greatly appreciated. The delivery - that took place at the end of the summer - was also reported in the media and Powder-Trans and Volvo Trucks' representatives were interviewed for the Finnish magazine Ammattilehti’s online broadcast. Powder-Trans has high expectations for Volvo's new model and the technology it brings with it. Industry media Ammattilehti.fi drew attention to the transfer with a video feature on social media. 25

We at PT Cenneth Vesalainen Family: My partner Janita and our two daughters Wilma and Towe. Work: Transport Organizerv, Lieto, Finland. Started at Powder-Trans: 2010 Your best experience in working life: Nothing in particular, but during my 25 years in transport I have seen a lot of nice places. What do you appreciate most about your co-workers: Honesty What makes you happy: My family What makes you angry: Dishonest people Petri Teräs Family: Two dogs Work: Driver, Lieto, Finland Started at Powder-Trans: 2016 Your best experience in working life: It is difficult to choose a single experience, but every success at work is the best. 26 What do you want to do on your next holiday: Work in the yard. Hang out with the family. Maybe take a small trip. What will Powder-Trans look like in 10 years? Powder-Trans will have strengthened its position as a company that offers its customers flexible and tailored services. What do you appreciate most about your co-workers: Their professionalism. What makes you happy: Health, good food and long forest walks with the dogs. What makes you angry: I am calm by nature. The only thing that makes me angry is the traffic culture in Finland, it has become too aggressive! What do you want to do on your next holiday: Take a trip to Turkey and enjoy the cuisine. What will Powder-Trans look like in 10 years? In 10 years, Powder-Trans will be a large international industry-leading bulk transport company.

Ramona Johansson Family: Mother, father and three sisters. Work: Driver, Landskrona, Sweden Started at Powder-Trans: 2019 Your best experience in working life: When you have done a good job so that the customers are satisfied. What do you appreciate most about your co-workers: Humour, honesty, and good advice. Pia Hellgren Family: Husband Mika, our son Joonas, and Nelli the dachshund. Work: Accountant, Lieto, Finland. Started at Powder-Trans: 2012 What makes you happy: To see my three dogs when I get home after a week at work. What makes you angry: I am very rarely angry. I’m happy and positive towards most people. What do you want to do on your next holiday: I’ll probably take a little trip with the caravan. What will Powder-Trans look like in 10 years? I believe in a bright future for Powder-Trans. Your best experience in working life: There is no single best experience in my working life. The most important and best thing is that I know I am doing my job well. I also attach great importance to discipline and well-being at work. What do you appreciate most about your co-workers: The togetherness - everyone is willing to help if needed. What makes you happy: Family, friends, and hobbies What makes you angry: Selfish people What do you want to do on your next holiday: I hope we can travel abroad What will Powder-Trans look like in 10 years? In ten years, Powder-Trans will be an even more successful, environmentally friendly company with a very good reputation as a workplace. 27

Vintage corner A unique project with close friends Between 1960–1964, a unique line of trucks was manufactured by the Finnish Wihuri company. In 2016, the engine started on one of them again. Restoring an old vehicle and finding solutions to all the challenges that can be faced when spare parts no longer exist, rust has taken over, and the interior has been damaged by weather and wind is not an easy project. As the project also involves a unique truck of which only about 100 examples were manufactured over 50 years ago, then the challenge is even greater. “In the beginning, the cab was not much more than an empty shell. There was a lot to fix: the chassis, engine, cab, windows, electricity, and other details. It was a great help that we fixed it together.” That's what Carl-Johan Blomqvist, founder and current chairman of Powder-Trans, says. He is also an avid vintage car fan. The help he received on the project came from his friends Tarmo Friberg and Eero Virta. “Projects like this often tend to remain half-finished. And if they are, it is difficult to continue,” says Tarmo. Friends persuaded The Wilke was manufactured at the Teijo factory in the 60s using Wihuri's own deisgn and technology from Volvo in Sweden. For the three friends who took on the project, the renovation proceeded almost nonstop. “Of course, it was a lot of work, but in the end it actually took only 11 months. I don’t think there are many who could finish the job in that timeframe,” says Tarmo. In fact, it was the two friends who urged Carl-Johan to restore the Wilke. “I had actually intended to work on another car, but Tarmo and Eero thought this was so unique that we had to start with it,” says Carl-Johan. Carl-Johan had met the two friends in veteran car circles a few years earlier, while Tarmo and Eero had known each other and restored old vehicles since the 80s. A complicated project When the work with the Wilke began, they divided the work. Eero took care of the cab, one of which they had located via an advertisement. “The owner first said that it was in pretty good condition. Then he got in touch and said that actually that was not really the case,” says Carl-Johan. The cab had been left outdoors in a forest, had holes in the roof, and the interior had been destroyed by the elements. Eero had a big job sandblasting, decorating and doing the electrical and sheet metal work on the cab. Tarmo worked on the chassis and other parts of the Publisher: Powder-Trans Production Oy HolmMediaData Ab Planning & layout: Sture Holm Text: Christoffer Holm The Wilke has been restored down to the smallest detail. vehicle. Carl-Johan struggled to find spare parts, helped with the chassis, painted a lot, and built the flatbed on his own. “It was most difficult with the engine parts. They could not be found in Finland,” says Eero. “Because of that, there were five trips to Sweden and Denmark, in addition to the work itself. But we had a lot of fun throughout the project,” says Carl-Johan. “That's right! We did not quarrel once,” agrees Tarmo. “The days were long but enjoyable.” Together they performed a culturally significant deed and restored a vehicle that is very possibly the only one of its kind in the whole world. In the spring of 2016, the diesel engine hummed into operation in the 12-tonne truck. “The best was of course when we started the engine and drove it out of the garage. Everything worked. It was beautiful,” says Tarmo. As for how many hours of work it took, the three friends do not know. “We decided early on not to count,” laughs Carl-Johan. The three friends Eero, CarlJohan and Tarmo have been responsible for a cultural deed. Photos: Pontus Eggert, Christoffer Holm and Powder-Trans photo archive Translation: Nick Barlow Composition: Ab Pixaton Oy Printing: Paino-Kaarina Oy